Dog Crate- $29.99
24″ x 18″ x 19″ Wire dog crate WITH DIVIDER. Set the divider to a depth of 10-12″ or just big enough for him to turn in a circle.

X-Pen- $33.99
Metal Folding Exercise Pen 30″ High- You would clip this x-pen to each side of your puppy’s crate to form a enclosed play area.

Profleece Ultimate 1600mg Green Back Veterinary Bedding- 18″x30″ $ 24.10
This is a washable, 1″ thick dense fleece that our puppies sleep on from birth. Potty accidents go right through this to keep puppy completely dry, warm, and comfy. Wash on high heat setting with vinegar, borax, and detergent and lay flat to dry in the sun.

Tractor Supply Pine Pellet Litter- $5.49
Litter for the First few weeks if desired; this litter is 100% natural and breaks down into harmless sawdust if chewed. I have never observed a puppy to ingest or chew on this. Has an irresistible odor to attract your puppy and has been used at Thistleberry Westies to train your puppy from 3 weeks old until puppy pick up day.

Tidy Tray Litter Box- $10.00
This is an excellent litter box for westie puppies! It features a low entry front lip, and high back to catch accidents. Its very large in size to accommodate you and your westie puppy as you work together on potty outdoors. Very sturdy, thick plastic and very inexpensive.

Nutro Ultra Small Breed Dry Puppy Kibble 8lb bag- 17.99
This is a high calorie food that your puppy should be on for the first year of life. We choose this brand for its grain free content, organic ingredients, and small kibble size. Appropriate for obedience snack use as well. Moisten with chicken broth for picky eaters, or filtered warm water. Cheapest on Amazon.

k9 Advantix Small Dog 4-10lbs 4 Doses- $39.94
This will be used on your westie puppy at the age of 7 weeks, even though your puppy has never been outdoors. We use this as a preventative to fleas, ticks, lice and ear mites. Your puppy will not need another dose until 12 weeks old, and then once monthly until they reach 10 lbs in weight. After that, purchase the Medium Dog size package for the rest of your dogs life.

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Spray- $11.49
If you do not wish to use Flea medication, you can opt for a more wholesome organic approach by spraying this on your puppy. Avoid the face.

Early Disease Detection Testing- $161.00
Troutman Animal Hospital in Troutman, NC offers a full blown blood test panel for your Westie Puppy. It is highly recommended that you have this testing done when your puppy is old enough. Your local Vet may offer a similar discount blood panel. Excellent! Ask for Dr. Novosad!