Most breeders of dogs and cats offer a limited health guarantee on babies that are purchased. In the unfortunate event that a pet begins to display signs of a congenital health defect, breeders will swap out a pet after verification, or offer a refund once you have returned the puppy or kitten or even an adult dog. What happens a lot of times, is that you as the owner and your family have already bonded with that new addition for months and even sometimes years. It is unimaginable for you as the owner to turn over your dog. You already love that dog. And this is where breeders get out of the guarantee to you as the owner, sadly. They know you cannot part with this pet and so many times, nothing is done to help you.

At Thistleberry Westies, we offer a lifetime health guarantee on our litters for congenital health issues that alter the life of the pet. Westies are prone to: Liver shunt, lion jaw, severe skin allergies, pulmonic stenosis. If one of our puppies ends up having one of these issues, we offer a full refund after the puppy/adult dog has been examined by a vet and confirmed to have such issues. You do not have to surrender your pet. You just need to contact us and arrangements will be made to refund you. You and your puppy/adult dog stay together and that money can be used to better your dog’s life. That is a win for you!

All westies, despite being perfectly healthy, can carry the potential of passing along congenital health issues. REgressive genes. Dominant genes are what the westie carries and its apparant that we can see with our eyes. For instance, we have another Westie who has a heart murmur. He should never be bred because he carries a dominant and known congenital health issue. Westies that have skin allergies or lion jaw, or knee problems should never be bred. They display it in themselves and so that genetic issue will most certainly get passed down to offspring in greater occurance than typically. That being said, you should try to find the healthiest westies with the healthiest background and bloodline. And any breeder than doesnt know those backgrounds of their own westies should not bred. If a westies health background is not know, it should not be bred.

Even still, any healthy westie can have a baby be born with: lion jaw, knee dysplasia, pulmonic stenosis, skin allergies of varying degree, renal issues or liver shunt. It can happy to any breeder. What we as breeders try to do is to make certain we are breeding a pair that comes from parents and grandparents and greatgrandparents that DO NOT show in themselves any of these genetic issues. This will lead to a lesser occurance of babies being born with these known issues.