frodo hodor

Born:  October 6th 2016

Weight at 6 months: 13 lbs

Color: White

Breed: West Highland White Terrier / Westie

Hey, I’m Frodo! Frodo Hodor to be exact. Let me tell you a little about myself!  My favorite thing in the whole world is climbing.  I climb anything that I can. I love to get up as high as I can. I also am a little escape artist!  If there is a way out, around, or under, I will find it. I also really love spending time with Freya. If we get separated, I begin to howl until she is back.  Once, Freya went bye bye for a few days to see Dr. Miller at the vet, and I was inconsolable. Nothing made me happier than when Freya came home.

I hope I will be a good daddy, when the time is right.  I know Freya is going to be an awesome mommy!  She is so sweet. She is my favorite!