Puppies Are Here!

Freya went into early labor on Friday February 9th around 3pm. The first puppy arrived at 5:40pm weighing 5.0 oz. Puppy two arrived at 6:00pm weighing 6.3 oz. Puppy three came at around 7:50pm and weighed 4.9 oz. Shortly thereafter, at 8:07pm puppy number four, thew biggest, was born FEET first and weighed 6.8oz! We thought Freya was all done. I offered her food and she quickly gobbled it up, went out for a potty and then laid done and seemed content. However, we were all surprised when puppy number 5 was born at 10:10pm. All puppies are BOYS!! I can’t believe it! Of all the litters I have been apart of I have never had my dame have all boys or all girls. Its usually been about half and half. I quadruple checked the gender because I couldn’t believe it haha!

This is a large litter for her first litter. The typical litter size for Westies are about 3-5 pups and since it was her first we expected, and the vet also seemed to think she would have about 3 from the xray she got the end of January 2018. However, I watched as Freya grew very large. I thought to myself, there must be more than 3 pups in there! We had fun listening with a baby doppler to puppy heartbeats, and feeling them kick and move.

Her labor went very smoothly. She didnt seem to mind my presence, but did not like me weighing the wet pups right after birth. I made sure it was quick and that baby was given right back to her. She didnt groan or fret. She seemed totally fixated on her new sweet babies as each one arrived into this world. I am smitten. The kids are over the moon to be apart of her big day! I filmed the birth of several puppies and snagged some pictures of these little darlings! Westie puppies are the best!


Our precious westie puppies (west highland white terriers puppies) will be for sale on April 7th, 2018. They can be picked up that day. They will be exactly 8 weeks and 1 day old on that day. Your westie puppy will go home up to date on shots and deworming, a microchip, an entire bag of puppy food, a leash, collar, scrap of cloth from Freya’s bed for comfort scent, a Thistleberry Westies Puppy Health folder which will display the vaccines for your puppy, basic info for you as the new parent, and microchip info, as well as AKC papers to register your puppy. Our puppies are $1000 for a limited registration and $2500 for an unlimited registration. Please text me directly at 336-848-8630 for information to buy one of our westie puppies for sale. We are located right on the water of Lake Norman in Troutman so if you live around the Charlotte area in NC, Statesville, or Troutman you are not far from us! You may also email me at appliqueplanet@yahoo.com if you wish to email rather than to text me. You can request a call back via text and I will give you a phone call!! Thank you for looking!