Mating for the Spring Litter

We have chosen to mate our bonded West Highland White terrier pair in the winter of December 2017 for a February whelp. We take a lot into consideration before making such a decision. We determine that we are prepared to have some westie puppies in our home to love and care for until they find their furever homes. We work from home as well as homeschool our three children. Our westie puppies will have plenty of human to play with and bond with them. We are located in the Lake Norman Charlotte area in North Carolina (NC), so if you are looking to adopt a westie puppy, you are in luck!

Freya and Frodo were tied on December 10-14, twice a day and every other day. Freya will gestate her litter of pup for about 63 days. She had an appointment on January 22nd at 4:50 at Troutman Animal Hospital to confirm the number of pups and get a general checkup. She is getting really big! We are expecting about 4 puppies, it may be more or less. This is her first litter and she is 1.5 years old. This is her third heat cycle.

She is exhibiting signs of fatigue and has been laying around quite a bit. She saves a lot of her food for later and doesnt feel like eating it all. She is on Purina One Puppy Kibble as well as Nutro Puppy Pate wet food to increase her interest in food at this time. She walks very slowly and is careful with her footsteps. In early February, I will give her a final bath and trim her tummy fur so the pups can easily find food when whelped. She will also be getting a bath about three days after birth to ensure the whelping process is undisturbed and that all pups are doing well.

Frodo, being born in October of 2016, is well over a year old at the time of this first mating. He is never overly aggressive with Freya and waited until she allowed the mating.